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Just in from the first press run, form our sister company, Black Swan Press: "Painting the Soul: The Tarot Art of David Palladini" is now available! Featuring all 78 cards from both of David's Tarot decks, with art commentary by David and card analysis by our own Anastasia Haysler. Order your copy now!


We're delighted to host the talented Karen Krebser of The Muse's Darling for "Charming the Tarot: Using Charms to Deepen Divination" on Saturday, November 22Charms are an increasingly popular form of divination in which symbolic items, or even everyday hum-drum items, are infused with meaning and cast across the cards. Using charms in this way can help provide clarity and add an extra layer of depth to your readings, whether you’re reading for yourself or for others. Spend the afternoon with Karen, and find out how working with charms can create a richer reading experience! This workshop will be presented live and as an online event, so you can participate from wherever you are! 

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